apple cider vinegar is awesome!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals which make is uniquely suitable for home health remedies. Apple cider vinegar has been used for thousands of years, among dozens of cultures.

How to make apple cider vinegar

The first step towards making vinegar is obviously the apples. These a crushed and left to mature and ferment, either in barrels or larger tanks and carboys. Some prefer aging their apples in wooden barrels, as this may offer some advantages during the fermentation process. Were you to make apple cider, you would stop here. However, to make vinegar you must age and treat the cider a little bit more.

For organic, natural vinegar, you will see a cloudy mass, floating inside the liquid. This is referred to as ‘mother,’ and is a bacterial growth. It’s perfectly healthy – in fact, it adds to the overall nutritive content. For aesthetic reasons, many commercial brands of apple cider vinegar will filter this out, leaving a clearer result, but an ultimately inferior product.

Check your apple cider vinegar for the mother before you purchase it, and you’ll know it’s natural.

What can apple vinegar do for you?

Apple Cider Vinegar, preferably natural and organic, has a number of excellent benefits for common health ailments. It is used to:

  • stop bladder stones and heal UTIs (urinary tract infections)
  • prevent sinus infections
  • aid in digestion and alleviate constipation
  • lessen the effects of acne, and other skin conditions
  • improve allergic responses
  • lessen muscle aches after hard workouts
  • boost the immune system
  • manage cholesterol problems
  • raise stamina
  • raise metabolism to aid in losing weight
  • lessen the symptoms of gout

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Let’s learn a little more…

Lose weight

Many individuals point to apple cider vinegar as a resource for weight loss. This may be due to apple cider vinegar speeding up metabolism, or burning calories. More likely is that apple cider vinegar helps to improve satiety – a sense of ‘feeling full’. In other words, adding apple cider vinegar to your meals, or drinking some with water, may help you feel full quicker, and thereby eat less.


With it’s high PH levels, apple cider vinegar is a good fix for individuals with bad bread. The high acidity helps to combat the bacteria which cause it. To use, try gargling with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water at regular times throughout the day.

Body Odor

Much like with bad breath, the acidity of apple cider vinegar helps kill off the bacteria in armpits and other areas which leads to B.O. To use it, apply the vinegar directly to the armpits, or elsewhere required.


Apple cider vinegar can also be used to treat acne. Click here for more: apple cider vinegar acne

Sun Spots

Finally, apple cider vinegar can be used to even out skin tone, and diminish the appearance of age spots/sun spots. Simply dilute a measure in water, and apply with your daily washing schedule.